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Our Approach Sejdiu & Qerkini, LLC. was founded with the idea of building a firm of lawyers with superior academic credentials and professional capabilities who wanted to develop their practices in a creative and entrepreneurial environment.

Our Approach

As we address our clients’ problems or assist in developing their opportunities, we strive to create productive and collaborative relationships. The ever-growing business environment in Kosovo presents endless opportunities for our clients. However, this environment is also very complex and can be very overwhelming for many entrepreneurs seeking to do business. We serve as facilitators and solution-finders for our clients and our approach is methodical, rigorous, and often multi-disciplinary, drawing upon the diverse experience of our in-house team and working closely with other law firms, leading economists, scientists, and industry specialists.

Our Billing Philosophy

Our billing philosophy is consistent with our firm perspective in that we are committed to billing fairly and transparently, with the understanding that our clients are operating within budgets that must be carefully managed. We have set our hourly rates at levels that are consistent with, and often below, the rates of firms that handle comparable matters.

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